a father’s song…

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The lyrics were written long ago and the composition is quite different for each of us.
Some know their father’s song; with words so moving that the rich harmony is like a whisper.
While others can only listen to the music, as each verse is cloaked within the vibrant sound of the symphony.
The stanza may have been a long time coming or the words never truly sung, but this is the sonnet of a man’s heart and translations materialize only when we are ready to listen.
But whether you hear only poetic ballads or the rhythmic pulse of an orchestra, each piece will be a timeless reminder that this unique theme of love was composed exclusively for you.
And once the curtain falls on this concert of life, the tune may end, but the melody will forever linger, reminding each one of us that there is nothing like our father’s song.

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  1. Melinda says:

    So nice, Michael. Once again thanks for your thoughtful and beautiful message.

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