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Another season will soon be upon us, colorful fall days and the holidays to celebrate family, friends, each other and life. Ahhh yes…life. And as I do during many of these times, I often look back upon yesterday and then dwell on manifesting our dreams of tomorrow.
We have reflected upon what it was like “before” and then dwelled on the possibility that “it may never be the same.” Yet as I see our lives today, I cannot help notice that we are but “work in progress”…the process of evolving to yet another level. Or are we preparing for what is yet to be? Most likely it is because seeking those experiences is ingrained in our being, those same traits we have always demonstrated. As I look at the me of yesterday, I know I have evolved and there is no doubt you have too!
Your metaphor, the one using a butterfly, has happened more than once to us, individually and in our relationship. It started with two best friends validating their love and trust and then as husband and wife celebrating and challenging those core beliefs…yet too this has been an evolution.
As we have embraced our natural wonderlands during our travels, we have been privileged to witness the consequences of change. And the result of all those changes has not resulted in their extinction but rather nature’s defiance and commitment to survive. To be even more breathtaking and beautiful and transfuse it’s wondrous magic to future generations of life, as we have done and what we are meant to do! As we evolve, we validate our commitment to each other to grow, to improve, to enhance and then to share those gifts. Given that our life span may be only a hundred or so years, this metamorphosis seems sudden compared to the transformation of the canyon…but it is no different.
I believe and have come to expect that we will share a lifetime of Winter Holidays. So until that moment when we stop innovating ourselves or find it is not necessary to modify our direction or when we tire of the translation, we will be who we will be…but always it will be WE.

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  1. yoursun says:

    missing your word paintings…the me of we

  2. Melinda says:

    Timeless and beautiful, as always. Thank you, Michael.

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