i am my age…

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The latest trends or designer names are no longer of value to me. My identity is defined by who I am within, not by the clothes I choose to wear. I create my own style by not being a follower of another. I am my age.
I no longer need to drive fast and I ignore those clever hand signals from fellow drivers. I desire to savor each mile of the road and allow my senses to explore the world at a pace that is the most heartwarming to me. I am my age.
My music will soon be labeled as oldies, but the memories created by those melodies have become so visual that they bring the past to the present. My favorite genre will always be a collection of classics that sing in the tongue of friendships, wisdom and hope. I am my age.
Texting is not for me and twitter has always been a sound from birds. To me, babbling, chatting or yakking is still a language of the heart. And I prefer to see a face, hear a voice and listen to the emotions within each one of those chosen words. I am my age.
Someday on no special occasion there will be someone who will reflect back and remember me, recalling a unique life that practiced the timeless illusion of aging, who sought the detour to any change and celebrated a way of life that epitomizes the most love, joy and happiness of each day.
They will say…he lived his age.

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  1. michael says:

    Thank yooooou Melinda for being part of my world…lifedancing is truly a gift that must be shared!

  2. Melinda says:

    Beautifully written, Michael. Thank you so much for offering your gift of writing to the world for all of us to read and feel in our hearts.

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