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I remember when the times were difficult and each day was a struggle. I remember that day I looked at myself in the mirror and I didn’t recognize the person staring back. I remember the disappointment of realizing that my armor of esteem was full of cracks and my trusted shield of confidence had been lost. I remember putting away my notepad and losing the desire to write the stories, my creativity had abandoned me. I remember packing up the hiking boots and putting away the fishing gear for my desire of adventure was gone and I no longer dreamed of my tomorrows. Where did the person that I knew so well go? The change had been so slow and subtle, like the colors of leaves approaching autumn. How could it have happened? Much later I realized it was a trial of love, faith and commitment…to my self. Fortunately those days are now a memory. You reminded me of my truth. You reminded me of who I am, a loving, caring, and giving person. You reminded me that my happiness and warmth spread joy to all those embraced. You reminded me of that person of old, whose life is a dance, who meets all challenges head on, seeks new adventures and never ceases to dream. I remember…but it was a difficult detour and a sharp reminder that I am perfectly flawed. And I will always remember, that peace will be easy to find if I just listen to the directions.

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  1. Stephen says:

    I remember dragging this carcass across the dry barren worn out habitat of yester years. The darkest nights of the soul where even the driest of sand seemed nourishing. I recall all to clearly the gratitude felt when someone scrapped off a portion of their ball of light and blew it across the vast oceans of kindness to warm my inner coffin. And I listened to the distant echoes and listened to the roaring silence until an answer, a rememberance emerged. Who am I?

  2. Orlena says:

    I too remember the anxiety of lost hopes and desperate days of pretending to be just fine – like I thought my image should be. Then a crack let in a tiny ray of joy as I began to renew and recreate my self. I discovered that it is not a level journey, but one of great love and great pain, up and down, up and down. I hope we all remember to listen to our inner truth and cling to LOVE.

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