i will never leave you…my best friend’s promise

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I will never leave you…
I will see through your eyes, feel your tears, know your joy and sense your touch.
You will hear my voice within the cool breeze as I awaken you each dawn, the call of the hawk as you walk your favorite trail and the sound of the waves as I soothe you to sleep.
My presence will be in the soft feel of a morning mist, the light caress of a cool breeze and the warmth of the sun as I embrace you with my light.
I will be the silky smoothness in a vintage cabernet, the taste of summer from your grill and the feeling of sand between your toes.
You will see my image within the glow of a campfire, the brilliant aura of a starlit night and the abstract designs on our canyon’s walls.
My smile will be in the tune of our favorite songs, the last page of a good book and the first views of a mountain peak.
I will embrace you within the canopy of the redwoods, the quiet stillness of a coastal sunset and the tranquility of a secluded beach.
You will know my joy through the wag of a dog’s tail, the laughter of a child and the gurgle of your mountain streams.
My best friend…I will never leave you, for my love for you will forever be held within your heart and soul.

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  1. Melinda says:

    For some reason I missed this post. It is lovely. It was posted on my birthday so that makes it special. Miss you guys.

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