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Wishing you a Special Day Because… well it is like trying to light the night sky with a match, draining the sea with a cup or digging a grand canyon with a spoon. Yet, we are persistent and dedicated as we wish you a “special day because” each year. We tried and tried to find that special gift and even hung onto your coat tails as we followed your lead and celebrated the entire month with you, but it still just doesn’t seem enough. The words that define our emotions and feelings are lost in the translation between heart and mind. But know that love, admiration and friendship should not have to be described…it is just there. Everyday is your special day and a time for each of us to celebrate that you are indeed ours and always present. So as we strike our match, dip our cup and scoop the spoon, always know that it’s all about our love and your wonderful soul that we are one with you.

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    My friend, my brother thank you again for sharing your priceless gift, YOU! Your words and thoughts touch my heart every time I read them. I celebrate today (oh, but I am stretching it out a month) that if I wasn’t brought into this life I wouldn’t have you as a brother and friend.

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