the new year

Posted 1 January 2011 by

January 1st…the new year. Like a silent fog, the morning of the first dawn slowly crept into our lives, engulfing all the previous days and events. It was all a blur…spun faster by our life changes and those surprising events. As I reflect, back on all those tossed pebbles that rippled our pond, I realized that we have emerged a much stronger duo…like being knighted by the fragile dance of life. And you as my partner in the firm  “We,”  made it clear to me that the message from a year of highlights is that I never want to be without my twinflame and nor do I want you to shine alone. Being there for each other, not only as best friends and lovers, but as husband and wife will be at the forefront of my consciousness for yet another season of sunrises.

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