Gliding With The Gulls

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We wait eagerly for the sun to disappear beneath the horizon. Already the incandescent globe has casts its shimmering glow on the sea. A lone hiker briskly walks the trail, eyes focused on the cliffs ahead. At first glance, we see that he may be a backpacker, as he is carrying a large stuff sack strapped securely behind his shoulders. But this is not the case. Stopping at the edge of the sea wall, he removes his pack and gives it a quick shake. Lo and behold, a transformation, as the pack blossoms into a bellowing canopy. He next snaps the tethers from the canopy over and over as if they were whips, until the ocean winds envelope and lift it high above. He braces himself, struggling to hold back the straining lines strapped to his body harness, preventing the magnificent colored wing from rocketing into the sky. Then, at precisely the right moment he leaps off the cliff and he is at once cradled by the wind, spiraling upwards toward the heavens. Higher and higher he rises, soaring to the right, soaring back to the left, creating lazy 8’s while spiraling down and then swooping perilously close toward the cliffs below. His hoots of joy, exhilaration and freedom echo toward us and off the entire sea wall. What a sight to behold, an image of a lone adventurer, gliding beneath a powerful bowed wing etched against a canvas of flaming orange, fiery red and intense blue. And as the sun is slowly engulfed by the sea, the curtain of this brilliant stage closes with the silhouette of a solo thrill seeker as he continues a life celebration as only he can.

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  1. michael says:

    Thank you Melinda…than I have succeeded in playing back the “video camera” that is mounted on my shoulders. Sometimes playback can be a bit rough, grainy and colorless…this time it was crisp and with sound! Color is always work in progress.

  2. Melinda says:

    Beautiful, Michael. You made the vision come alive in my mind. Thanks.

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