Osprey Cove

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It’s early morning. Patches of light fog hover above the water, like ghosts awaiting resurrection. The lake is very still and smooth, a giant mirror reflecting the blue sky still streaked with the colors of sunrise. Blended with those soft morning hues are vivid and burnished oranges, yellows and reds radiating from the foliage of oaks, spruce and aspen that surround the lake. Life begins anew this day. I sit quietly at shore’s edge, a hot mocha in hand, awaiting the parade of inhabitants who occupy this beautiful setting known as Osprey Cove. The lake begins to come alive. Already I see the ripples of wakes created by the Grebes as they submerge to capture lone swimming shiners. In the background, Double-Crested Cormorants sit atop pier pilings, wings outstretched toward the heavens as if in silent prayer. A flock of White Pelicans swim into view demonstrating synchronized swimming as they herd in a school of minnows for breakfast. A lone Snowy Egret stands statuesque among the shallows, reeds surrounding its long willowy legs and rays of sunlight filtering through its white feathered crown. Patiently it awaits the passing of any unsuspecting prey. On the sand bar, Snow Geese celebrate, as if this has been the culmination of a long awaited reunion, honking with excitement as they greet each other. Simultaneously, a flock of Mallards noisily skim above the water from one side of the cove to another, a reaction to a Red-shouldered Hawk flying high above. During all this, all these breaths of life are being shown to me within a few moments, a snapshot of life. Shortly an Osprey silently glides into view and gently lights upon the uppermost branches of a majestic oak. The perfect throne for the patriarch of this avian Camelot.

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  1. Melinda says:

    Beautiful, Michael. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I feel like I was right there watching that Osprey arrive.

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