The Canyon

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My immediate revelation during my expedition within this domain of endless scenic wonders was that I needed a lifetime to spend here. Without that window of time, I would only get a glimpse of a borderless kingdom that is so vast, it made me believe it could only have been created by a collection of dreams. My mind found great difficulty comprehending what my vision was attempting to communicate, as the sheer grandeur and seemingly infinite boundaries of the canyon was inexplicable. Carved and sculpted by a mighty river and framed by rock walls dating back millions of years, the breathtaking beauty of the canyon was an experience that I would never have foreseen.
Every few switchbacks of the trail led me to a viewpoint located on a ledge thousands of feet above the canyon floor. At each of these rest stops I was rewarded with a spectacular panorama of jagged landscapes, stone arches and sandstone columns carved by the invisible hands of wind and rain through countless of eons. And each day I spent within the canyon’s massive expanse and seemingly bottomless abyss, I beheld an ever changing panorama of brilliant colors from the first light of morning until the setting sun at dusk. I have no words that can describe the color palettes of this natural wonderland.
It was atop one of these vista points that I witnessed a true spectacle of flight found no where else in my travels. Jet black ravens flying high above me showcased their fantastic ability of performing aerial acrobatics at blinding speeds. Seemingly, as if noticing a captive audience, they would be gliding in the skies above and then in the blink of an eye, hurtle down past me. A loud whooshing reverberating sound echoed through my ears, as they rocketed toward the invisible chasm below. And if that was not enough of a show, the encore was seeing rare California condors, with their massive wingspans, soaring above the rocky pinnacles on the thermals off the canyon rim.
And each evening, nestled at my campsite, I bathed in the fresh canyon breeze, rich with the scent of pine under a beautiful blanket of stars. It was at this peaceful time that I was serenaded by the nocturnal sounds of night, the rhythmic chirping of crickets, the wing flutter of bats as they search for prey and the distant coyotes howling to a blue moon. Silent, but heard deep within my soul were the voiceless songs of an ancient race that had become the faceless mirror of my divine spirit. These are and forever will be sacred lands created with the patience of time so as to survive through history and etch the emptiness of eternity. And although my body will depart, my heart will always find a home within The Canyon.

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  1. Botan says:

    What beautiful writing. I have visited the Grand Canyon and your description says what my eyes were unable to do. Thank you! Your words fill me with the same joy and awe all over again. I yearn to return to the United States and your magnificent treasure.

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