Veil of the Estuary

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A veil of fog covers the bay, its shadowy tendrils clinging to the water’s surface. The air is still, the silent passage broken only by the soft sounds of my paddle as it slices and lifts through the opaque jade color depths. The gentle swells are rhythmic and slowly lull me into a hypnotic trance. Early mornings are without the winds, offering many moments to savor the tranquility, peace and beauty of the estuary. As the kayak drifts past moored boats, dark shadows rise from the abyss, slowly crossing my bow. Puffs of steam rise from unseen nostrils, while two dark eyes stare intently toward me. A lone sea lion makes its way to the embarcadero to search for scraps from the fishing fleet. Slowly I glide toward the channel entrance, aided by the same invisible currents that over centuries have chiseled away rock and mountains to form this harbor. Midway there I see a lone sea otter wrapped snugly in kelp, sleeping soundly on its back awaiting the sunshine to brighten the bay. Nearing the mouth of the inlet, I witnessed the power of nature. Incoming waves are colliding with the outgoing tide swells. The crash is thunderous matching this spectacular example of nature’s power. Sprays of white foam leaped high into the air, spiraling upward through the fog. As mammoth sea geysers rain water all around me, the ocean begins to churn violently from the impact. The water has changed from the color of jade to a murky brown and the choppy waves are a warning to stay close to shore and go no further. Such is the mystique of the sea, a true chameleon, a force of movement that is vast, withstanding, and continuously creating change. I will show reverence. The sea illustrates mankind’s hopes and dreams of tomorrow, while my tiny kayak parallels reality and the limitations we have today.

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